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"We have been ordering our whole coffee beans online from Happy Cup ever since the Covid 19 shutdown. Their "Happy Heart" is excellent. They ship the coffee out the same day that I order it, and it's usually roasted that same day too. Freshest, small batch coffee you could ever buy & have delivered to your door. The company is filled with gratitude for all orders. In our last box, the trio set, we got a thank you note from the company as well as a free mug, too. Thanks, Happy Cup!"

Ethan F.

"This place...the colors, the vibe!!! These guys are super friendly and make great coffee. Plus they help out persons with disabilities so, win win."

Jacob B.

"I went into the new coffee shop location on 555 NE Couch street. It was warm, bright and welcoming. The staff was friendly and informative. They have amazing coffee, locally made pastries, and various merchandise such as coffee cups, t-shirts, etc. My latte was delicious and it was well worth the drive from Beaverton! Ill be back!"

Sarah D.