Read Willamette Week’s write up featuring Happy Cup Killingsworth as one of the ten best new cafes in Portland for 2015.


Happy Cup Coffee
446 NE Killingsworth St., 889-0511,

Happy Cup exists sort of as an ode to squishy feelings: When I walked into a backroom stacked with beanbags at Happy’s newest location on Killingsworth Street, Portland entertainer Nikki Brown Clown was in the back setting up a book table for her Tuesday-morning gig entertaining preschoolers. Other days, the room might house a sewing club, a book group, or a small press reading. Meanwhile, the coffee is roasted in part by adults with disabilities, and the proceeds from the three cafes flip out to related programs. It’s hard not to feel good about it all. But this is the thing: It’s also one of the better examples of a solidly domestic cafe in town, with decent coffee, two neat copies of The New York Times laid out each day in a gesture of squarely old-school hospitality, an array of couches neither too soft nor too hard, and plenty of corners where you can plug in a laptop or just plain hide. A word, however: That piano in the back looks nice, but don’t sit by it. Just…trust me on that. MATTHEW KORFHAGE.

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