Our Mission

Happy Cup Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster in NE Portland that was created to fulfill three missions:

1. Offer employment, a competitive wage and a full life to adults with disabilities in our local community – our People with Potential.
2. Help create a better future for the disabled by donating a percentage of our profits to vocational and recreational programming for this community.
3. Deliver a responsible, great-tasting cup of coffee.

Batch roasted by people with potential; Oregonians with disabilities who want to lead productive lives.

Individuals with disabilities want to thrive and be productive members of society. As a social enterprise, Happy Cup provides a pathway for individuals who have aged out of special education programming. Through sustainable employment opportunities, Happy Cup offers real life skill building with a level of cultural relevance that is sorely lacking in most employment programs for special needs adults. Our “People with Potential” have a hand in every aspect of our business. Bagging, labeling, weighing coffee, and developing the creative blend names are all part of a Happy Cupper’s daily duties.  Our goal is to pair great coffee with a great cause.

With every pound of coffee you buy, you commit to reversing the inequities those with disabilities face in the world of employment.

We are People with Potential.

Creating a better future for the folks 6 blocks away, and 6,000 miles away.

Our mission goes beyond the borders of our community. We also promote a better future for farmers and for our planet by making every effort to source the best, ethicially traded coffee, using some of the best beans grown anywhere on the planet.

Happy Cup Coffee is ethically farmed and traded from coffee growing regions throughout the world. It is batch roasted 18 lbs at a time, to ensure the highest quality flavor, and a well-balanced cup.

All backed by a business model that’s fully, entirely and whole-heartedly humanitarian-based. Who wouldn’t drink to that?

Happy Cup works with a Portland based vocational program, Full Life, to offer employment opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities for more information Visit the Full Life website »